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Elias: Law Versus ‘Structured Change’

Hi All, The issue, recently raised in relation to the debate on sociogenesis, of the notion of ‘law’ in Elias’ thought is an interesting one, and i think it can be usefully clarified by appeal to Elias’ “The Society of … Continue reading

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Elias and Foucault’s ‘technologies of the self’

I have, perhaps, tapped the accumulated wisdom of this list far too much of late, nevertheless i venture to test your generosity once again. I have lately been thinking about the relationship between the ‘courtesy’ literature which Elias deploy’s as … Continue reading

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Dear All, I am researching codes of conduct in Victorian England. I believe that the code of Victorian ‘respectability’ shall be the key-stone to much of what i am interested in illuminating. I am a history student, and the phenomenon … Continue reading

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