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Call for expressions of interest, encyclopedia entries

Dear all, The editorial team for the forthcoming Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Social Theory is looking for contributors for a number of entries in the Social History section. The length required is indicated, and sadly there’s no fee involved. If you … Continue reading

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Civilization Deconstructed: A Figurational Theory of Genocide

Just published: Christopher Powell, Barbaric Civilization: A Critical Sociology of Genocide. (Montréal, Ithaca, and London: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2011) 368 pp. ISBN: 9780773538566. Why have the largest mass murders in human history taken place in the past hundred years? And … Continue reading

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Civilization: Critical Concepts in Political Science Edited and with a new introduction by Brett Bowden (Routledge)

Forthcoming from Routledge, June 2009. Order it for your library! Especially since the end of the Cold War, the concept of ‘civilization’ has been frequently deployed by those who seek to describe and explain the world in which we live. … Continue reading

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Proceedings of a conference about “The Germans” online

Here are the proceedings of a conference about Studien über die Deutschen held at the University of Bordeaux: Tristan Coignard, Hélène Leclerc (ed.), Norbert Elias, un “marginal  établi”? Ancrages et réception d’une démarche singulière en sciences  humaines in: Collection Individu … Continue reading

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New book: “Die Durchsetzung der Reformpolitik in China”

Kaven, Carsten: Die Durchsetzung der Reformpolitik in China. Analyse eines Ereignisses, Münster (LIT-Verlag), 2009, ISBN: 978-3-8258-1712-1, € 19,90 This book is inspired by Elias’ thinking although the title does not contain his name. Some of his concepts like “Machtbalance”, “Verflechtungszwang” … Continue reading

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New book: “Sozialer Wandel und Macht”

Kaven, Carsten: Sozialer Wandel und Macht. Die theoretischen Ansaetze von Max Weber, Norbert Elias und Michel Foucault im Vergleich, Muenster (Metropolis), 2006, ISBN: 978-3-89518-557-1 , € 36,80 This book deals with the relation of two concepts of social theory: power … Continue reading

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New editions now out: Quest for Excitement/ The Established and the Outsiders

New titles in the Collected Works of Norbert Elias series published by University College Dublin Press, in co-operation with the Norbert Elias Foundation: Elias with Eric Dunning, QUEST FOR EXCITEMENT, edited by Eric Dunning, 978-1-904558-43-9 60 Euro or £45 Elias … Continue reading

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New Publication on Elias and Mentoring

I’m delighted to inform you that my dissertation is now published in the VS-Verlag: Barzantny, Anke: Mentoring-Programme für Frauen. Maßnahmen zu Strukturveränderungen in der Wissenschaft? Eine figurationssoziologische Untersuchung zur akademischen Medizin. In this research project I employed Norbert Elias’ Established-Outsiders-Figuration … Continue reading

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UCD Press Collected Works of Elias – Special Offer (Amended format)

UCD PRESS COLLECTED WORKS OF ELIAS The Collected Works of Norbert Elias in English are available for direct order from the UCD Press website at 20% discount until 15 September 2008. Titles already available are: Vol. 1 Early Writings Vol. … Continue reading

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New book by Richard Kilminster

Richard Kilminster. Norbert Elias: Post-philosophical Sociology, London, Routledge, October, 2007 [ISBN10: 0-415-43706-7]. Please recommend your library to purchase multiple copies. This book is a companion volume to my The Sociological Revolution: From The Enlightenment to the Global Age, London, Routledge … Continue reading

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