Farhad Dalal on CBT: The Cognitive Behavioural Tsunami

Blog subscribers who are interested in Group Analysis, of which Elias was one of the founders, may be interested in this talk to be given in Exeter by Farhad Dalal on 1 July:

“This is Madness” has invited Farhad Dalal to speak about “CBT: The Cognitive Behavioural Tsunami”

Abstract: The form of therapy currently provided by the ‘mental health’ system is mostly short term CBT, because, it is said, it is the only therapy that has evidence to prove its effectiveness . In this talk I will describe how and why this situation has come about, question the evidence for effectiveness of CBT, to argue that this way of ‘treating’ emotional distress not only misses the point, but often makes matters worse.

There will be time for questions/discussion within the talk.

Farhad Dalal has been a practicing psychotherapist (individual and group) for about thirty years. He works in Totnes and Exeter. Author of: Taking the Group Seriously; Race, Colour and the Processes of Racialization; and Thought Paralysis: The Virtues of Discrimination.

Links: www.devonpsychotherapy.org.uk ; www.dalal.org.uk ; www.limbus.org.uk/cbt

Time and place

Wednesday 1st July 2015

Talk: 7pm prompt start until 8.45pm

Doors open 6.30pm for a cup of tea, chat and looking at information tables

Exeter Palace Gate Centre, 3 Palace Gate, Exeter, EX1 1JA

Donations: £5 (suggested) or what you can afford

All welcome

“This is Madness” is creating a public forum where we can explore alternatives, attitudes and power within mental health and our society.

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  1. thomas scheff says:

    What is an emotion. What are some of the main ones, such as anger, grief, fear, love, pride and shame? How does one recognize and manage them? Why does no one ever mention Nina Bull’s 1951 book?

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