ISA XIX World Congress of Sociology, Toronto: CfP RC56 Sessions

Abstract submission is now open for the ISA World Congress next year. Abstracts must be submitted by 30 September through the ISA conference website. ​The sessions include the following topics:

Comparative and Historical Sociology of Women’s Careers

Confucius’ Trap

Figurational Dynamics, Changing Power Balances, and Organisational Formation

Historical Trends, Future Anticipations 

Historical and Comparative Sociology of Examinations

History Makers: Leaders, Rulers, Roles, Systems

Radicalisation and the Rise of the Outsiders

Warfare, Distance and Civilizing Processes

We look forward to seeing you in Toronto!

Paddy Dolan

Secretary/Treasurer, ISA RC 56 Historical Sociology

School of Languages, Law & Social Sciences

Dublin Institute of Technology | Room RD 105

DIT Grangegorman | Dublin 7 | Ireland

Tel: +353 1 402 4212

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One Response to ISA XIX World Congress of Sociology, Toronto: CfP RC56 Sessions

  1. Debbie Kasper says:

    I’d love to attend the ISA in Toronto next year, but the steep price of registration made me think twice. Then again, the possibility of interacting with other Eliasian sociologists is very appealing (it’s lonely for us here in the U.S., as Stephen points out above)!

    Any sense of whether there will be a strong contingent of you attending…or any sort of organized event?

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