Wie kent de theorieën van RW Connell

Dear all,
Do you know somebody, who is or has been working on the theory on gender/masculinities, which R.W. Connell developed in his books Gender and Power (1987), Masculinities (1995) and Gender (2002) I would like to come in contact with those people to exchange idea´s about Connells´ theory, her power and her limits.

Thanking you in advance,
Barbara Wiemann.

Drs. B. Wiemann
Nieuwe Amstelstraat 34
1011 PM Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Phone: +31206221917
E-mail: wiemann@antenna.nl

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2 Responses to Wie kent de theorieën van RW Connell

  1. have a theory of gender and hypermasculinity, some of which can be found in an early version #42 on my website:
    The most recent statement is in Chapter 10 of my new book, Goffman Unbound (Paradigm Publishers).

    Tom Scheff

    805 893 3510
    Dept of Sociology
    SB, CA, 93106

  2. Reinhard Blomert says:

    Stefanie Ernst from the university of Münster has written a book and some papers on that, (the book is in German, some papers in English),


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