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My 58 minute anti-war film will begin playing nationwide on June 4, and about 20 more times in June and July. Crying is a subtext of the film; there is a lot of crying in it, and some of members of viewing audiences cry. For the psychopolitical effects I attribute to the crying, please see #59 on my website. Note that UCTV claims that it will be permanently available after a while, thru such links as Google Video, even in Europe and Asia. Have been breaking my neck for over six years trying to protest the fascist Bush regime.

If they broadcast this film as they promise, I may finally land a punch.

Dear Professor Scheff,
I wanted to let you know that the program “A Wake on the Pier” will premiere nationally on UCTV in June. The primetime air date/time is listed below with a link to all air dates/times. This link is also where the video-on-demand option will appear about 2-3 weeks after premiere date.
Alison Gang, Communications Manager
University of California Television (UCTV)

8:00 PM A Wake on the Pier
Every Sunday morning for over three years, the Santa Barbara chapter of the Veterans for Peace has been putting up a war memorial on the beach. They place a white cross for each soldier who has died in Iraq, laid out like a mock-graveyard. This documentary is about this war memorial and the people who visit it. Link to all air dates/times:

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3 Responses to Anti-War Film

  1. TYRA says:

    This documentary is about this war memorial and the people who visit it

  2. Stephen Mennell says:

    I just watched Tom’s film, and found it very moving. I think this URL will take you straight to it (well, it did me!):

    Tom didn’t spell out that the title of the film comes from that of his powerful anti-war poem, which I remember reading quite a long time ago, and Tom reads the poem, in sections, at various points in the film.

    Tom: I hope you land your punch! – this film reminds us all that there is another and decent America besides the one that we read about in the headlines every day around the world.


  3. The final version of my A Wake on the Pier is now available on Google Video. It is 40 minutes long. Please ignore the 5 min. version that is on there now, and the 60 minute version that will appear there shortly. I will try to remove both the short and the too long version as soon as I can.

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