38th IIS World Congress, Budapest, 26-30 June 2008

Call for volunteers!

It would be good to run some sessions on Elias and/or figurational or process sociology at the IIS conference in Budapest  in June next year, but we need at least one volunteer to help get the organization off  the ground.  Barbara Evers did a wonderful job last time round in Stockholm. A proposal needs to be in by 30 September, so if anyone would like to help put together an interesting session or set of sessions, please let myself and Stephen Mennell know, and we can help construct something that at least indicates our interest, and fill in the details later.

Similarly, if you have any thoughts on sessions you might like to put together yourself, that would also be interesting. It maybe worth, for example, following up Tim’s post and seeing if there is a group of actor-network people interested in Elias. I’d be quite keen on a ‘civilization and law’ session, something pursuing the legal dimensions of civilizing and decivilizing (& ‘dyscivilizing’) processes. All thoughts welcome!


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