New Issues in Process Sociology: One-day conference, Berlin 5 December 2011

The conference will be held at Wissenschaft Zentrum Berlin [WZB], on 5 December 2011

The aim of this  conference is to examine and discuss both interpretations of Elias’s thought and new empirical applications of his ideas – including their application to the financial crisis that started in 2008. Some of the diverse themes that will be discussed by a number of eminent scholars include: Elias and market processes; Elias’s poetry; Studies on the Germans and long-term processes of violence.

Attendance at the conference is free of charge, but places are limited. If you would like to attend please email either Reinhard Blomert at or Steven Loyal at

Draft programme

9.30–11.00 General themes

  • Jan Haut (Saarbrücken) – Discussion of his research on the Elias papers in the Deutsches Literaturarchiv, Marbach am Neckar
  • Tabea Dörfelt-Mathey (Jena) – Elias’s poetry
  • Marta Bucholc (Warsaw) – Transformation in Eastern Europe

11.00–11.20 Tea & Coffee
11.20-13.00 Figurational perspectives on the economy

  • Stephen Mennell (Dublin)
  • Reinhard Blomert (Berlin)
  • Abram de Swaan (Amsterdam)

13.00–14.15 Lunch

  • Adrian Gallistl (Trier) – Fromm and Elias
  • Johan Goudsblom (Amsterdam) – All sociology is historical sociology
  • Steven Loyal (Dublin) – Elias and Marx

15.30–16.00 Tea & Coffee
16.00–17.30 Roundtable – The Germans and long-term violence

  • Bernard Lacroix (Nanterre)
  • Eric Dunning (Leicester)
  • Abram de Swaan (Amsterdam)

19.00 Dinner

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