Figurations Newsletter – new email address

Figurations, the Newsletter of the Norbert Elias Foundation, has a new email address and a new Managing Editor.

The new email address is: Please use this address when submitting news, including news of recent publications, to the newsletter.

The new Managing Editor is Barbara Górnicka, who is writing her PhD in the UCD School of Sociology. She has already been collaborating with me in writing the last three issues of Figurations, but will now take on additional responsibilities, including keeping track of future contents.

Future issues will be published in January and July (instead of December and June). It continues to be printed and posted to subscribers, and is free of charge. If you wish to be added to the mailing list, send your postal address to the email address given above.

Past issues, from 1994 onwards, can be found on the Foundation’s website at:

Besides the Figurations newsletter, the Foundation also sponsors the new online journal Human Figurations, edited by Katie Liston. The similarity of the names will no doubt cause confusion, but the journal is a quite separate entity – see

Stephen Mennell

Editor, Figurations

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