Panel “Norbert Elias and International Relations”

Dear All,

I am currently considering to propose a panel on “Norbert Elias and international Relations” for the convention of the International Studies Association in San Francisco next year. Who is interested to present a paper on this topic or would like to serve as a commentator of the papers?
Thank you for considering my request.

With best regards

Herbert Dittgen

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  1. TYRA says:

    but I’d also like to write another segment on international law and international relations.

  2. Joe Maguire says:

    Dear Dittgen (and Robert)

    I too would be interested – I have been exploring the application of Elias to the study of Global Sport and civilisational relations – see Maguire, J. (2005). Power and Global Sport: Zones of Prestige, Emulation and Resistance. London: Routledge.

    best wishes


    Professor Joseph Maguire, PhD
    Loughborough University
    Loughborough LE11 £TU

  3. Lars Bo Kaspersen says:

    Dear Herbert Dittgen,

    I would be very interested in presenting a paper in your session. Is there still room for me? What do you want me to do ?

    best regards,

    Lars Bo Kaspersen
    Center for Business and Politics
    Steen Blichersvej 22
    2000 Frederiksberg

  4. Robert van Krieken says:

    Dear Dittgen,
    Greetings from Sydney! This is a terrific idea, and I’d be very interested in participating. I’m in the process of pulling together the work I’ve done so far on processes of civilization and decivilization into a book, but I’d also like to write another segment on international law and international relations. You’ve probably thought of these names already, but just in case, there are also the people that have been writing about the standard of civilization – Bruce Buchan, Jack Donnelly, David Fidler, Bruce Bowden, and of course more generally Andrew Linklater.
    warm regards,
    Robert van Krieken

  5. Aurelie Lacassagne says:

    Dear All,

    I am currently finishing my PhD on an Eliasian re-reading of Alexander Wendt’s theory. I think it is a great idea to organise such a panel and I would be delighted to participate if there is still room.

    Best regards,

    Aurelie Lacassagne

    Political Science Department
    Laurentian University
    Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

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