New editions now out: Quest for Excitement/ The Established and the Outsiders

New titles in the Collected Works of Norbert Elias series published by University College Dublin Press, in co-operation with the Norbert Elias Foundation:

Elias with Eric Dunning, QUEST FOR EXCITEMENT, edited by Eric Dunning, 978-1-904558-43-9 60 Euro or £45

Elias with John L. Scotson, THE ESTABLISHED AND THE OUTSIDERS, edited by Cas Wouters, 978-1-904558-92-7 60 Euro or £45

QUEST FOR EXCITEMENT includes an extra essay by Elias, never before published, and a completely revised and updated essay on football hooliganism by Eric Dunning. THE ESTABLISHED AND THE OUTSIDERS includes the essay ‘The Maycomb Model’, written by Elias a few weeks before his death and not previously published in English. The editors have in both cases made many corrections and annotations to the earlier texts.

All Elias books are currently available from the UCD Press website at 20 per cent discount

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2 Responses to New editions now out: Quest for Excitement/ The Established and the Outsiders

  1. Willem has a good point, but it is out of date in two respects (neither of them his fault).

    First, it is very difficult for Eurozone publishers to fix prices in sterling at the moment, because of the financial turmoil, and especially the plunging pound. Recalculating all the prices and entering the revisions on the website is quite a big job. So, over Christmas, when the pound almost achieved parity with the euro, but then rose in value just a little, we discussed what rate might be prudent for pricing all the UCD Press books over the next few months. We settled on 85p to the euro. That is an advantage to British purchasers as of this morning, when the rate is actually a little over 92p. We shall see. We may again have to reprice the books in sterling sooner than we might have hoped.

    In any case, the sterling price is irrelevant if you want to take advantage of the discount by buying directly form the publishers. British readers can indeed buy the books in sterling, via our British distributor, Central Books (see details at But the discounts are available only for purchases direct from UCD Press (you can pay by credit card, so the currency is irrelevant).

    The second respect in which Willem’s comment was out of date is that the special offer was timed to expire at the end of 2008. That was when the Elias-I blog was not working properly, so the notification of the special offer reached list members only after it had expired. I AM GLAD TO SAY, HOWEVER, THAT THE SPECIAL OFFER HAS BEEN RENEWED AND EXTENDED, in view of Willem’s comment. Later today or tomorrow, the website should show all the Elias books again on offer at the 20 per cent discount.

    Stephen Mennell
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  2. Willem Kranendonk says:

    Financial turmoil!

    Although the (English) pound now equals the Euro, according to UCD Press €60 equals Pounds 45. And a discount of 20% amounts in fact on the website of UCD to 10%, at least in the case of the Essays Volume II.

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