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6 Responses to About

  1. Hector Vera says:

    Did Elias write an explicit (and substantive) definition of what is a “symbol”?
    Hector Vera

  2. Michael Baker says:

    Hello admin,
    I post a comment earlier today (January 6th, 2015) and it is not appearing at yet. I am wondering if it will appear and if not what I need to do to contribute to the discussion.
    Michael Baker
    University of Rochester
    Rochester, New York USA

    • Jason Hughes says:

      Hi Michael

      My apologies that it’s taken an eternity to approve your comment. We have some major issues with the Elias blog platform, it makes using it incredibly slow and cumbersome, and almost impossible to approve comments. I’ve managed to do a batch today because, by fortune, the server is responding faster than usual. We’re working on rectifying these issues longer term. Apologies once more.

  3. João Luiz says:

    Hello! I would like to know about this blog references (the name of the creator, et). Very thanks!I am Brazilian.

    • admin says:

      Hi there,

      The blog is run by the Norbert Elias foundation and you can find the board member details on the main webpage.

  4. mary moylan says:

    Hello. What a pleasure to discover the Norbert Elias foundation. I am a former student of Sociology from University of London-as an independent writer and scholar, both of my current research projects utilize the theories and thinking of Norbert Elias- within figurational sociology- 1. an exploration of social media platforms delivering “self-management” health care, locating this in “bodies and biology” I also connect this to the emerging field of neurosemiotics. 2. As well as within National Habitus-and the everyday practical embodiment, as I explore the experimental documentary films of Lourdes Portillo. I look forward to following this blog- and would like to learn more about the conference, Reinventing Elias.

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