Human Figurations: Essays for/Aufsätze für Norbert Elias. 

To mark Elias's eightieth birthday in 1977, Peter Gleichmann, Johan Goudsblom and Hermann Korte edited a Festschrift, which was presented to Elias at a conference at the University of Aachen and published by the Amsterdams Sociologisch Tijdschrift.

The contents of Human Figurations are listed below. This collection of essays has long been scarce, but it is now available to download as a PDF file. The page images are not perfect, but are legible. 

The cover of the Festschrift was adapted from that of the first edition of Über den Prozess der Zivilisation published by Fritz Karger of Haus zum Falken Verlag, Basel. 





Norbert Elias on his eightieth birthday, 9
Alfred Glucksman 
Norbert Elias als Lehrer, 12
Gisèle Freund 
Work at a research programme, 16
Ilse Seglow
Fata libelli, 23
Fritz Karger 
Some personal recollections, 25
F.L. Carsten
Encounter with Norbert Elias, 28
Eric R. Wolf
Responses to Norbert Elias's work in England, Germany, the Netherlands and France, 37
Johan Goudsblom 
"Individual" action and its "social" consequences in the work of Elias, 99
Stephen Mennell
Norbert Elias's sociology of knowledge and its significance for the study of the sciences, 110
Nico Wilterdink
Norbert Elias und Richard Hönigswald, 127
Gerd Wolandt
Ludwig Fleck and the development of the sociology of science, 135
W. Baldamus 
Is a Marxist theory of the state possible?, 157
G. van Benthem van den Bergh
Selbsthilfe and the monopoly of violence, 179
Anton Blok
The growth of industrial bureaucracy: chance, choice or necessity?, 191
Richard Brown 
Unbeabsichtigte Folgen der Bildung von kleinen Gruppen und Gruppenverbanden, 211
Dieter Claessens
Power and authority in the public schools (1700ñ1850), 225
Eric Dunning 
Wandel der Wohnverhtnisse, 259
Peter R. Gleichmann 
Soziologische Aspekte der ökumenischen ëGewaltdebatteí in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, 271
Gerhard Grohs
Aletta Jacobs and female emancipation in the Netherlands, 284
Paul Kapteyn
Dominium regale or dominium politicum et regale? Monarchies and parliaments in early modern Europe, 293
H. G. Koenigsberger
Mechanistische und kurzfristige Betrachtungsweisen bei regionalen Planungen, 319
Hermann Korte 
Strukturwandlungen und Funktionen von Verhaltensstandards, aus einer soziologischen Inhaltsanalyse deutscher 'Anstandtsbücher' der Jahre 1870 bis 1970, 335
Volker Krumrey
Scientism and industrial relations, 349
Peter Seglow
The Northern patriciate during the revolt of the Netherlands: a Zweifrontenschicht in the sixteenth century, 361
Pieter Spierenburg 
On the sociogenesis of the psychoanalytic setting, 381
Abram de Swaan
Specialty marginality and types of competition in the sciences, 414
Richard Whitley 
Informalisation and the civilising process, 437
Cas Wouters
Bibliography, 456
List of contributors, 461
Notes on the photographs, 463