The list of reviews (ordered by title in the language in which the book was first published) of Norbert Elias's works listed below, is by no means exhaustive. Only those reviews are listed of which copies or bibliographical information have been sent to the Norbert Elias Foundation. Visitors to this website are invited to send the bibliographical details or, better still, a copy of those reviews missing from this list to the Foundation’s office. These copies will eventually be added to the Elias archive in the Deutsches Literaturarchiv in Marbach-am-Neckar. Reviews collected by Elias himself during his lifetime can be found in the Elias archive (see part 1 of the inventory of the Elias archive, inv. nos 1639-1946b; see for additional later reviews part 1A of the inventory, A79). 


Details of reviews of the following texts can be downloaded here.



German Titles

Über den Prozess der Zivilisation

Die h–fische Gesellschaft

Was ist Soziologie?

Studien über die Deutschen

Die Gesellschaft der Individuen

Engagement und Distanzierung

Über die Zeit

Über Sich Selbst

Mozart. Zur Soziologie Eines Genies

Über die Einsamkeit der Sterbenden in unseren Tagen

English Titles

The Established and the Outsiders

The Quest for Excitement

The Symbol Theory


Readers and Collected Essays

On Civilization, Power, and Knowledge: Selected Writings

The Norbert Elias Reader

Sociologie en geschiedenis en andere essays