Figurations has been published twice a year, in June and December, since 1994. All past issues are available for downloading below.

Figurations is not a journal, but often includes short articles of interest to members of the international Figurations Research Network, together with book reviews and summaries of recent journal articles. All back issues are available to download below, and constitute valuable resource for all who are interested in Norbert Elias or in the figurational approach to understanding human society.

From its inception in 1994, Figurations was edited by Stephen Mennell. Dr Barbara Górnicka was appointed his successor as Editor with effect from 1 January 2017. Stephen Mennell will continue to act as Associate Editor, jointly with Katie Liston. Honorary Assistant Editors are: Florence Delmotte, Brussels (French); Tabea Dörfelt-Mathey (Jena) and Heike Hammer, Stuttgart (German); Tatiana Savoia Landini, São Paulo (Spanish and Portuguese, Latin America). The postal address for the newsletter will temporarily remain in Dublin.

Figurations is distributed free of charge on request to researchers, institutes or libraries. If you wish to subscribe to Figurations, please email with your name and postal address, entitling your email 'new subscription'.


Contact Details

Editor: Dr Barbara Gó




Editorial Postal Address:
School of Sociology,
University College Dublin,
Dublin D04 F6X4,


Associate Editors:

Dr Katie Liston
School of Sports Studies,
University of Ulster,
County Antrim,
Northern Ireland BT37 0QB

Tel: +44 28 9036 8539
Fax: +44 28 9036 6028


Prof. Stephen Mennell
School of Sociology,
University College Dublin,
Dublin D04 F6X4,

Tel. +353 1 295 0276



Contributions should preferably be e-mailed to the Editor in the form of MS Word (.doc), Rich Text (.rtf), Open Office (.odt) or plain text (.txt) files. Do not use embedded footnotes. Hard copy is accepted reluctantly.


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