A Bibliography of Figurational Sociology in the Netherlands (up to 1989)
Anton BLOK 1977a
            ‘Achter de coulissen’,
            [Behind the scenes]
            (Presented to the Gids-symposium on Marxism, Psychoanalysis and the Sociology of Norbert Elias,       
            Amsterdam June 17 1977)
De Gids 140-4/5(1977)257-270
German translation: ‘Hinter Kulissen’ in D03:170-193
Anton BLOK 1982
            ‘Primitief en geciviliseerd’,
            [Primitive and civilized]
            197-209 in C03 [cf C45]
Peter R. GLEICHMANN, Johan GOUDSBLOM & Hermann KORTE (eds) 1979
            Materialien zu Norbert Elias’ Zivilisationstheorie [I].
            [Studies in Norbert Elias’s ­theory of the civilizing process [Vol.I]]
            Frankfurt am Main 1979: Suhrkamp 436pp
[Includes German versions of A09 (supplemented, cf also D04), D01, D10, F09, R18, R30 inter al.]
Peter R. GLEICHMANN, Johan GOUDSBLOM & Hermann KORTE (eds) 1984
            Macht und Zivilisation. Materialien zu Norbert Elias’ Zivilisa­tionstheorie II.
            [Power and Civilization. Studies in Norbert Elias’s theory of the civilizing process Vol.II]
            Frankfurt am Main 1984: Suhrkamp 322pp
[Includes a supplement to A09, H16, and German translations / versions of A11, C45, D05, J16, K52, L15 inter al.]
Johan GOUDSBLOM 1982a
            ‘Over het onderzoek van civilisatieprocessen’,
            [On the investigation of civilizing processes]
            (Introductory address to the congress on Civilizing Processes and Theories of Civiliza­tion, Amsterdam Dec.1981 [cf C45])
De Gids 145-2(1982)69-78
German version: ‘Die Erforschung von Zivilisations­prozessen’ in D04:83-104 (+ summary in B23:528-529)
Revised Dutch translation: ‘Het onderzoek van civilisa­tieproces­sen’ in A12:147-166
Johan GOUDSBLOM 1984a
            ‘Over ebbe en vloed der beschaving’,
            [On the ebb and flow of civilization]
            De Gids 147-8/9/10(1984)733-736
Johan GOUDSBLOM 1984c-88d
            ‘Vuur en beschaving.
(1) De domesticatie van vuur als een bescha­vingsproces’, (2) ‘De functies van vuurbeheersing in pre-agrarische samenlevin­gen’, (3) ‘Vuur en agrarisering’, (4) ‘Vuurbeheersing in agrari­sche rij­ken’, (5) ‘Vuur in de wereld van het Oude Testament’, (6) ‘Vuur­beheersing in de Grieks-Romeinse oudheid’, (7) Idem, deel 2. (Wordt ver­volgd)
            [Fire and civilization: ‘The domestication of fire as a civilizing process’ - [further parts in Dutch:] The functions of control over fire in pre-agrarian societies - Fire and agrarianization - Control over fire in agrarian empires - Fire in the world of the Old Testament - Control over fire in Greek and Roman antiquity]
            De Gids [part 1] 147-4(1984)227-241, [part 2] 148-1(1985)3-21, [part 3] 148-9/10(1985)714-722, [part 4] 149-9(1986)640-652, [part 5] 149-10(1986)784-802, [part 6] 151-3(1988)171-187, [part 7] 151-12(1988)901-911
[Series to be continued. Book edition forthcoming: “Vuur en beschaving” (Fire and Civili­zation) Amsterdam: Meulenhoff]
+ Comment on parts 1 & 2 by Jeroen Staring: ‘Notities bij de ideeën van Johan Goudsblom omtrent vuur en beschaving en de domesticatie van vuur als een beschavingspro­ces’, Focaal - Tijd­schrift voor antropologie 9-3(1988)56-67
English translation of Part 1 in Theory, Culture & Society (Spe­cial issue on ‘Norbert Elias and Figurational Sociology’) 4-2/3(1987)457-476:
Johan GOUDSBLOM 1986b
            ‘The Human Monopoly on the Use of Fire: Its Origins and Condi­tions’,
            Human Evolution 1-6(1986)517-525
Paul ten HAVE 1970
            ‘Emancipation and culture’,
            Mens en Maatschappij 45-4(1970)246-257. Reprinted in Transactions of the Seventh World Congress of Sociology (Varna Sept.1970), Vol.IV:72-79. Sofia 1973: International Sociological Associa­tion
Cas WOUTERS 1977
            ‘Informalisation and the Civilising Process’,
            437-453 in A05 (cf F38). German transla­tion: ‘Informalisierung und der Prozess der Zivilisa­tion’ in D03:279-298
Cas WOUTERS 1986a
            ‘Formalization and Informalization: Changing Tension Balances in Civilizing Processes’,
            Theory, Culture & Society 3-2(1986)1-18 (see also F39)
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